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Files are usually uploaded sometime Wednesday
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Torah Tidbits Audio (see below)
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The "whole" file is exactly that:
The whole TT from cover to cover,
just about identical to the hard-copy


The "lite" file is the same as the whole file
but at a lower resolution - which takes up less memory.
This file is good for viewing online, but not print quality


The XL (extra lite) files are content only.
therefore takes up less memory.
Content only - no tiyulim, no schedule, no ads.


This link will get you a plain text only of Torah Tidbits.
Content, tiyulim, schedule - but not the ads.

This link will get you the ParshaPix.
Explanations sometimes also in the whole, lite, XL, and/or text files.
This link will get you the PPx file (ParshaPix explanations)
which are sometimes missing from the hard copy
plus other pieces missing from the printed edition
This link will get you a PDF file of the programs, schedule,
and Tiyulim of the OU Israel Center

Files you might like to have

This link will get you the Israel Center Torah Tidbits
candle lighting and havdala times, Kiddush L'vana times... and more
This link will get you the Torah Tidbits
Rosh Chodesh Benching pages for 5777
Daily Learning
This link will get you the year's chart (5777)
of Mishna Yomi, Daf Yomi, Halacha Yomit and more

6 min VIDEO: OU - more than just kashrut
Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb on T'cheilet
Video on making ALIYA
Have you ever been very hungry and very tired at the same time?
Here's a video of how 3-yr old Elad handles it

The link on the left of the TTA logo is for the previous show.
The link on the right is for the current show

The index file for the webpage - including the latest link for TTA -
is usually updated on Wednesday night.
The TTA link becomes active very soon after the show is recorded (on Thursday).
Therefore, you might get an error message if you try for the show before it is finished and uploaded.
In that case, just try again in a while.

Shabbat Shira
TU BiShvat


These links will get you Torah Tidbits Audio mp3 file.
The show now runs from 45 minutes to an hour or more.
You can listen online or download for your mp3 listening pleasure.
Past shows can be found on OUradio and/or Israel National Radio (Arutz 7)

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